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I've been needing a vacation, so until I do go on one I'll just pull up a photo from my photo library and post a few to the blog. (Which is still sadly not being updated as often as it should!)

This photo is from 2011, a trip to the Epcot center with April. Her mom was out here for a conference and April went along to assist. I had vacation time to burn back then so I decided to join them for a few days. The Epcot center was pretty awesome from what I can remember. The most memorable being the world showcase. A little lake surrounded by areas themed with the architecture, food, and entertainment offered by a number of cultures. Little did I know I'd be traveling abroad with the opportunity to see these cultures first hand. Good fun!

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No pets for hotel living I'm afraid... Kitteh!2013-04-23 - 20130423 - 1A cat in the Philippines

Don't get me wrong, I love the hotel I'm living in here in Abu Dhabi. I've got a nice view of the ocean and pool and I'm practically walking distance from the Corniche. My only gripe is the no pet policy. Stopped by a friend's house today (not a hotel) and for just a smidge more a month he got himself a NICE two bedroom apartment in a gated community... plus the added bonus of "pets allowed".

This cat isn't his cat - it is actually a pic of a cat that just absolutely loved the hell out of me in the Philippines. Ahhwell.

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It has been over one year since my last blog entry... Hello 2015! A treat from The Meat CoA treat from The Meat CoA treat from The Meat Co, which can be found in the Souk, attached to the Shangri-La in Abu Dhabi. Finally a steak house that knows how to make a medium-rare steak!

It has been over one year since my blog entry. Embarrassing really since I've seen much during my stay in Abu Dhabi. So here is a post of a treat I received at The Meat Co. I hope I can post more pics as I review my gallery.

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St. Louis Zoo

I've been in St. Louis for nearly two weeks now. Still adjusting to the time, but I'm having an even harder time adjusting to the weather. I am definitely not in Hawaii anymore.

The weather guy on TV promised me temperatures in the 70s this week... and we're still hovering about 40.

Anyway, took some time away from the hotel and checked out the St. Louis zoo. I didn't know they closed at 5pm so I only had about two hours to walk around. Saw about 40% of the place and even had enough time to enjoy a beverage on the way out.

I'll be sure to bring April out here when she comes out to visit. :-)

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Collins and 8th Summer Preview 20120304-20120304-DSC09888_edited

Collins and 8th invited me to shoot at their Summer Preview event on March 4th.  The event was complete with a fashionable setup, tasty food, and wonderful guests.  Congrats to Collins and 8th for being voted best Boutique in Honolulu Magazine as well!

Photos are developed, and you can view them here:

You can find out more information about C&8 here:!/Collinsand8th

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Prices slashed for HTCC graduates! 20111218-DSC09056

Downloads have always been available for the graduates and customers of HTCC.  You could also purchase them directly from the site.  However, the price per print reflected the price lists used on my personal projects - and a simple 4x6 was somewhere near 2 dollars!

No more!  All prices have been slashed so that students can order prints without having to donating organs to science!  Enjoy!

(I would still recommend downloading pictures for free...)

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First blog post Pictures coming soon!

Discovered yesterday that Zenfolio added a blogging feature, awesome!  Even better is that I can use images I've already uploaded to Zenfolio to populate it with imagery!  Anyway, I'm currently working on last Saturday's graduation ceremony for HTCC.  They should be up and running sometime today or tomorrow.

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